8th of December 2022

In blue, online speaker
  • 8:30 Registration

  • 9:00 Driessen Jan · Chronos…. Time heals all wounds

  • 9:10 Fantuzzi Tiziano · Minoan Eruption chronology: a five decades long debate. History, state of the art and the possible combination of palaeoenvironmental data (Ice cores, tree rings) and archaeological 14C-Gauged Correspondence Analysis as a tool for an integrated approach

  • 9:45 Krauss Raiko, Clemens Schmid · Statistical evaluation and proposals for a chronology of the Copper Age cemetery of Varna

  • 10:20 Weninger Bernhard · Pottery Time Series in the Aegean Bronze Age based on Correspondence Analysis (CA)

  • 10:55 Break

  • 11:15 Bietak Manfred · The Duration of the Hyksos Rule

  • 11:50 Eriksson Kathryn · The evidence for intersection between the Aegean and Egypt around the time of the Bronze Age eruption of Thera

  • 12:25 Break

  • 14:00 Kopetzky Karin · Tell el-Ajjul and the Hyksos Realm – new chronological evidence

  • 14:35 Brogan Thomas, Sofianou Chrysa, Apostolakou Vili, Betancourt Philip, Eaby Melissa · Bottoms up: A View of the Theran Volcanic Eruption in the Neopalatial

  • Cups from Chryssi

  • 15:10 Break

  • 15:30 Hein Irmgard · ‘Ezbet Helmi and the eastern Mediterranean - New details and interpretations towards chronology

  • 16:05 Manning Sturt · Deconvolution in Aegean chronology: radiocarbon, dated contexts, target events and history

  • 16:40 Wiener Malcolm · The Dating Game: The History and Present State of the Controversy Concerning the Date of the Theran Eruption

  • 17:15 Discussion

9th of December 2022

In blue, online speaker
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  • 9:30 Panagiatopoulos Diamantis · How feasible is a new system of Minoan relative chronology?

  • 10:05 Sturge Charles and Fantuzzi Tiziano · Mining the Labyrinth: Prospects and Pitfalls of Synthetic Research on the Knossian Ceramic Sequence

  • 10:40 Break

  • 11:00 Mathioudaki Iro and Fantuzzi Tiziano · Tackling questions of relative chronologies through Correspondence Analysis: The Neopalatial pottery sequence at Sissi as a case study

  • 11:35 Gimatzidis Stefanos · Reconsidering Aegean and Mediterranean chronology from an Iron Age perspective

  • 12:10 Break

  • 14:00 Fantalkin Alexander · Mediterranean Chronology during the Iron Age: Where do We Stand?"

  • 14:35 Gauss Walter · Kolonna on Aegina and its contribution to the absolute and relative chronology of the Aegean Bronze Age

  • 15:10 Break

  • 15:30 Vitale Salvatore, Hale Christopher M., Van de Moortel Aleydis, Dee Micheal W., Hermann Nicholas P. · It’s Absolutely Relative: The LH I Stratigraphic and Ceramic Sequences from Mitrou and their 14C Anchor Points

  • 16:05 Charlotte Pearson · What's next? Chronological improvements through proxy synchronization and annual 14C

  • 16:40 Discussion · Colin Macdonald